05 Sep 2020, 13:15

For the Love of Go: Fundamentals

Learning Go isn’t easy. There, we’ve said it. Some time and effort will be required, but that’s true of anything worth learning, and it doesn’t mean we can’t also have fun while we’re doing it. ‘For the Love of Go: Fundamentals’ is a simple, practical, friendly, and entertaining book for complete beginners, with no programming experience necessary.

With the assistance of expert Go mentor and teacher John Arundel, you’ll build a complete project in Go, step by step, using the popular test-driven development (TDD) process. Along the way, you’ll learn a lot about the basics of programming, and even more about testing!

The best part of all is the price: just $4.99. You can read a full description of the book, along with some rave reviews, and buy it online here:

For the Love of Go: Fundamentals

If you’re not ready to buy the book yet, you can still do the exercises for free, as they’re all available in a GitHub repo: