03 Jan 2019, 09:36

2018 Kubecon

Some reactions from the recent Kubecon event in Seattle:

CNCF Projects are a good bet

With an ecosystem changing and splintering as fast as the cloud native world, the CNCF projects are a safe place to bet. They are stitching together a constellation of open source tools that you can use to build the foundations of your applications. All the pieces that you will need to glue together including the runtime, packaging, monitoring, tracing, etc. are there under the CNCF umbrella. Hopefully cloud providers will all rally behind these standards and focus collective efforts to maintain and improve them.

The community is diverging

It seems like there are 2 growing and diverging groups in the Kubernetes community: Those who have no idea where to start, and those who have already moved on to newer things. Lots of new folks are just getting started thinking about running applications in containers or starting to use a cloud provider, and others have been using Kubernetes for years and ready to jump into Knative or start tackling different software problems entirely. I imagine this usually happens in any fast-moving community.

I am grateful to all of those people who worked to make the event happen. Thank you to the presenters, cooks, cleaning staff, folks who worked at information desks, drivers, vendors, volunteers, and the organizers.

  • Justin