19 Mar 2019, 10:17

Podcast: A big ol' cloud of compute

John and Justin made a guest appearance recently on the ‘Deloitte: On Cloud’ podcast with David Linthicum, talking about cloud native, DevOps, and Kubernetes from the business perspective.

What I want is just a big ol’ cloud of compute and I can just stuff my container in it and have it work. And we kind of have that now with Kubernetes. It’s not that there’s anything so magical about Kubernetes itself so much as the fact that it’s just universally adopted now.

It was great for us to have a chance to talk about the organizational and business side of things—as David points out in the show, DevOps is always about the people. The ‘Cloud Native DevOps’ book is as much for IT directors, CTOs, and tech leaders as it is for engineers. If you’re not necessarily sold on the whole cloud and container thing, we explore the arguments for and against, and look at why, apart from sheer hype, Kubernetes is rapidly becoming the standard platform for modern apps. The book also explains how and why you need to transform your engineering organization along DevOps lines, and what that looks like in cloud native land.

Kubernetes is a no-brainer when you’re at the hyper-growth stage, and if your business is stable, it’s just the amount of time that you save by using a standard platform. There’s a migration cost, but I think there’s huge cost savings in the long run. It’s absolutely right to ask the questions, what is the ROI, when do we expect to see this thing pay off, and how do we know if we’re on the right track.

Check out the podcast here:

Deloitte On Cloud Podcast: Cloud migration with containers and Kubernetes

If you don’t have time to listen, and we’re all busy people, you can also read the transcript of the show. Enjoy!