RO Crusader Change Recipe is a recipe that may be used to play one of Ragnarok Online’s professions without expending blood potions.

And has a comparatively high rate of criticality. It is a worthwhile job with one of the most intriguing athletes in history.

Formula to alter Crusader RO. How to proceed. Even novices can play.

I believe that many gamers, to varying degrees, would be interested in Crusader careers. Due to the fact that it is a hard-hitting profession that is easy to level up, a lone adventurer can attack enemies effectively. Before attaining Class 3 like the Royal Guard, the RO Crusader change formula must be modified in the following sequence.

Novice Job Level 10 > Swordsman Job Levels 40-50 > Crusader Level 99 (Advent) > Novice Job Level 10. Hi-Noob Job 10 > Hi-Swordsman Job 40-50 > Lv.99 Paladin Job 50-70 > Royal Guard.

Recommended Crusader class, frequently crit

Additionally, the Crusader class offers several skill upgrades. This will directly effect the character’s abilities. The suggested line would be the Agi line, which would play a combination of the Critical line and the Holy Cross line, as there were not enough excellent things and money to purchase many potions in the early days. When you have a large amount of SP, use Holy Cross to make it simpler to attack creatures one by one.

Describes the Veil Crusader storage place for levels 1 through 99.

Level 1-10

Completing missions at the Academy

Leave town and see Fabre, Poring, Willow, and Pupa.

Level 10-20

Thief Bug in a pipe dungeon beside Prontera.

To the right of Payon City is Spore.

Boa touched down at the base of the Payon City 2 map.

During this time, the suggested Dexterity value is 40.

Before upgrading to Class 3, it is suggested that you read How to obtain Knight Agi levels 1 to 99

Level 20-30

Bigfoot emerges from Payon one map to the right and one map below.

Peco Peco Proceed to the bottom of the Prontera 2 map and enter the teleport in the lower right corner.

Elder Willow emerges on the Payon City 2 map to the right.

Poison Spore emanates from Geffen two maps to the right and two maps up.

During this time period, the suggested stats are Dex 40 Agi 27.

Level 30-40

Orc Soldier and Orc Woman in Orc Village Enter the Prontera City portal leading to the Orc Dungeon.

Wolf departs Payon City by traveling one map left, then one map down.

Myst Case in Al De Baran Byalan From the Port of Izlude, ascend the portal to the second floor.

Dex 40 and Agi 46 are ideal stats during this time period.

Monk RO job change leveling source to Sura Class 3 is suggested reading.

Grove, level 40 to 60, Comodo City exit, two maps to the right.

Orc Zombie is in Orc Village. Enter the home via the warp

Metaller emerges from Morroc, two maps down and one map to the left.

On the third floor of the pyramid is the mummy.

During this time, the advised stats are Dex 40 Agi 78.

Sidewinder, level 60-70, must depart Geffen, teleport to the mine, and go one map to the right. Drop a Black Snake card for an excellent cost.

Byalan’s fifth level should be wary of Swordfish’s Water Ball, as it strikes quite hard.

The Stalactic Golem climbs up one map after leaving Comodo City.

Requiem + Zerom is on the second level of the Sphinx.

Dex 40 Agi 80 Str 41 are ideal stats throughout this time period.

Level 70-80

Argiope emerged from Al De Baran and descended two maps.

The Evil Druid purchases a teleport to Glast Heim and employs the Navigator as his guide.

Dark Frame, purchase a teleport to Glast Heim and proceed to the slaughterhouse on foot.

Clock is located on the second floor of Al De Baran City, however the talent is highly potent. Constantly trying to fill it with blood.

Large Peco Leave Al De Baran City and ascend to the top two maps on foot.

During this time, it is advised to have the following stats: Dex 40 Agi 90 Str 51.

Level 80-90 Devaruchi is at Geffen Dungeon.

Petite (Ground) Exit Geffen, go 2 maps to the left, then ascend 1 map.

The Alarm is located on the third story of the Clock Tower in Al De Baran.

As Pasana has reached Sphinx Level 5, be wary of Anubis, as his ability is quite potent.

During this period, it is advised that you have the following stats: Dex 40 Agi 90 Str 70 Int 26.

Level 90-99

The Desert Wolf stands in front of the entrance to the Ice Dungeon.

The Dark Priest purchases a teleport to Glast Heim via the Navigator system.

Magma is in the dungeon for those with a large number of healing potions or who frequently attend parties.

At this level, the recommended ability scores are Dex 40, Agi 90, Str 70, Int 26, Luk 31, and Vit 30.

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