Teun Mulder wins the €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em II at the EPT

Paris by destroying the final table. Teun Mulder won the €389,870 first prize at the Poker Stars European Poker Tour Paris €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em II by eliminating all of his opponents from the final table of 51 players after the bubble burst.

After winning the EPT Prague €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em in March of last year, this is Mulder’s second Spadie of his career. However, that victory was unrelated to this one.

The champion’s response when asked after his victory if he had ever run that hot during a stretch was, “No, probably not; that was illogical. I won when I got it wrong, and I also won when I got it 50/50, and I also won.”

Tauan Naves of Brazil, Mulder’s final victim of the night, overcame the rest of the final table devastation to take home €257,900 as runner-up.

Mulder had double the chips of his next closest opponent when he busted Joao Vieira in eighth place to break the money bubble. From there, it was over. The €1,199,520 prize pool would be conveyed in exceptionally short request.

What a performance at the Final Table!

The Teun Mulder show began after Niklas Astedt eliminated Orpen Kisacikoglu in tenth place to set up a final table of nine.

He was second in chips behind Naves at the final table, but he quickly took the lead when he beat Juan Pardo in ninth place to set the stage for what was to come.

After what might be the last break of the evening, Vieira and Pedro Garagnani each got back with under five major blinds, and as referenced, it would be Vieira missing the mark regarding the cash when his lord deuce couldn’t make due against Mulder’s eight-deuce.

Yes, that was going to be the case. Following that, Garagnani (seventh – €62,950) and Thomas Muehloecker (sixth – €80,950) were both killed in similar hand when Garagnani got his microstack in with sovereign deuce against Muehloecker’s pocket sovereigns and Mulder’s pocket jacks?

A jack came on the lemon, and the field was down to five

After that, Astedt slammed his ace-nine into Mulder’s pocket kings, earning the Dutchman his next victim and the first six-figure payday of the day—€101,950—for Astedt.

Following Mulder’s ace-seven, Jakov Nesterov (fourth, €131,950) lost with his ace-six. There was no three-external or a hack for Nesterov, and the competition was down to three-gave.

Again, with Seth Davies (3rd – €173,950) holding queen-jack against Mulder’s ten-eight in just a few hands, Mulder had another chance to be eliminated. Mulder used an eight every time to prepare Naves, his final victim, for his attack.

Mulder was dominated, as he had been a couple of times at the final table, with Naves holding an ace-eight against his ace-seven. Still, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that a straight draw would come in when it appeared on the flop, and it did on the turn to complete Mulder’s incredible victory.

Will Mulder speak more on Sunday

The hot shots will currently return on Sunday for the three-day €50,000 purchase in occasion, and Mulder says he’ll be in the blend hoping to proceed with his mind blowing run good from Saturday here at the Hyatt Rule Paris Etoile.

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